Mini Gateway Ing.

Mini Gateway

The IoT Gateway it’s the link to communicate sensors to the data servers. Depending on the Gateway model, it can be connected to a network of wired or wireless sensors through a communication Can bus, dry contacts or with radio frequency sensors using the WeLink communications protocol with a range of 5km in a line of sight


• Capable of wirelessly connecting to multiple smart sensors

• Cloud connectivity through AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Thing Worx connections

• Compatible with standard communications protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, MQTT, or customer specified protocol

• Supports up to 250 simultaneously connected sensors

• Alert notification through SNMP traps

• Incorporated technology “WeLink!” (Jaguar designed radio technology) for wireless communication between sensors and Big Data in the cloud

• Bidirectional communication via proprietary protocol WeLink

• Intelligent Big Data analysis (Reports, Statistics, Patterns, Forecasts)

• 915 MHz operation

• A line of sight transmission distances of up to 5 km

• Outdoor and Indoor Gateways

• Compatible with 3G mobile networks

• 1 Micro SIM port. Compatible with multiple mobile operators

• 1 Ethernet port

• Communication redundancies