Smart Telco Witware IoT

Smart Telco

Solution designed to monitor the operating conditions and security of telecommunications infrastructure for service providers.

The SmartTelco system can be installed in a telecommunications tower, in a shelter, or in a cabinet. The system consists of a Gateway to send measurements of field parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, electrical conditions (sub-metering), diesel and gas level (for emergency plants), etc. To help reduce problems of vandalism and theft, the system has anti-tamper sensors that detect any malicious manipulation and send alerts; an audible alarm can be also be activated.

Added Value

High-efficiency system that combines various telecommunication and telemetry technologies to offer a comprehensive solution that helps keep Telecom equipment working and in good condition.


- The monitoring can be done through the same network (through an Ethernet port) or it can be done out of the network (out of band) through a cell line (3G or 4G) or a satellite link.

- Sensors and devices can be wired or wirelessly connected. Wireless connections are made using LPWAN technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT).

- Measurement readings and alarms are sent to the Cloud for analysis and use. Real-time analysis can be done to trigger preventative and security measures. The principle followed is that of analysis by exception.

Smart Telco

Sensors and I/O

The SmartTelco Gateway has a CAN port in which up to 256 sensors can be connected to a single cable in series.

It has a WeLink radio which can wirelessly connect up to 250 sensors or actuators

The equipment has 8 inputs for alarms of external systems based on dry contact and 8 external control outputs of external systems also based on dry contact.