Smart Parking Witware IoT

Smart Parking

Solution designed to automate operations aimed at controlling and exploiting the use of parking places in public or private locations. By installing a WIT device (wireless information transmitter), you can detect the presence of a vehicle in a certain parking spot. Each device has a unique identifier that is sent to a database in the Cloud. The WIT device is installed in the pavement to avoid damage or vandalism. The information is sent using an LPWAN network to take advantage of the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Added Value

Developers can take advantage of this technology to create applications that automate the operations of public or private parking to make finding the location of an empty space and the collection of payment for time used more efficient.


- Increase in productivity and efficient management of parking spaces

- Decision making based on real data generated in each parking spot

- Low operating cost

- Low maintenance cost

- The user becomes an important part of the system, resulting in a better user experience



The WIT for SmartParking, are electronic devices capable of detecting the presence of a vehicle parked in a specific spot.

Each WIT sends a signal when a car is detected, which the developers can use to obtain information such as the arrival and departure of a vehicle, the duration of stay, etc.

The information of each of the data packages is defined by the developer.