Smart Gas Witware IoT

Smart Gas

Solution designed to detect, automate, manage, and control the consumption of LP gas in the housing, commercial, and industrial markets.

By installing a WIT device in the stationary tanks, the gas level information is sent to an application in the Cloud. With this information, gas distributors can obtain valuable information about their customers' consumption patterns; this can be used to be more efficient, generate savings, and/or differentiate themselves from their competitors. On the consumer side, you can also know the levels of consumption, of spending and can foresee shortages.

Added Value

High-tech system that allows capture and mass transmission of the readings from thousands of gas tanks in order to generate benefits for consumers and LP gas distributors.


- The inventory level of any stationary tank is obtained remotely

- The measurement readings are sent to an application in the Cloud for analysis and use

- Low operating cost

- Low maintenance cost

- The user becomes an important part of the system, resulting in a better user experience



The WIT is an electronic device in charge of measuring the gas level of a stationary tank and sending the reading to an application in the Cloud.

Each WIT has a communications radio that uses LPWAN technology, which allows data to be transmitted in a reliable way, at a very low cost, and with an autonomous battery that lasts more than 5 years.

The installation of the WIT is extremely simple, you just have to remove two screws, install the device, and put back the two screws. The device is totally autonomous and unobtrusive.