The IoT Gateway it's the link to communicate sensors to the data servers

IoT solutions to grow your business

Smart Parking Witware Internet of Things Jaguar

Smart Parking

Solution designed to automate operations aimed at controlling and exploiting the use of parking places in public or private locations.

Smart Gas Witware Internet of Things Jaguar

Smart Gas

Solution designed to detect, automate, manage, and control the consumption of LP gas in the housing, commercial, and industrial markets.

Smart Telco Witware Internet of Things Jaguar

Smart Telco

Solution designed to monitor the operating conditions and security of telecommunications infrastructure for service providers.

Mini Gateway

The IoT Gateway it's the link to communicate sensors to the data servers.

New Technologies will enable the growth of IoT


Traditional networks do not offer a good combination of technical characteristics and operational cost that allow the development of large-scale IoT applications. For this reason, we have invested in the development of new technologies that will allow the implementation of these types of projects:

  • Low-power and short-range networks
  • Low-power wide area networks (LPWAN)

With these types of networks, we will give viability and scalability to IoT because we can grant great benefits:

  • Low cost of Data-Transport
  • Battery life of the device in ranges of up to 20 years
  • Accessible costs of the devices
  • Low operating costs


In Witware we have developed a modular hardware architecture which allows exchanging modules to transmit the technology that makes the most sense for each situation:

We-Link Witware
LoRa-alliance-Witware IoT
SIGFOX-Witware IoT
NB-LTE-Witware IoT
Bluetooth-4-0-Witware IoT


At Witware we have an R&D team and the tools to develop solutions. We can transform your ideas into products.

  • Temperature
  • RH
  • Anti-tampering (to prevent malicious manipulation)
  • Sub-metering
  • Measurement of gas level in LP gas tanks
  • Measurement of diesel level for generating plants
  • Presence of a parked vehicle
Anti-Tampering Sensores Desarrollos Witware IoT
Temperatura Sensores Desarrollos Witware IoT
Sensor diesel Witware desarrollos IoT
Movimiento Sensor Witware desarrollos IoT

You can decide how far you want to go with your business

Witware applies technology to connect objects, analyze and collect data in a global manner, and makes it possible to record consumption habits, machinery operation, inanimate objects, operators, logistics, preventive maintenance, etc.


We are the platform to make the Internet of Things a reality in your business


We are experts in the development of electronic devices to obtain and transport your information safely. We manufacture physical devices and controllers  (sensors, actuators, etc.), we handle the connectivity  (radios and gateways),  and we take decisions before even arriving at the Cloud (edge & fog computing). (edge & fog computing).

We also develop solutions for not only collect and transport the data to the cloud; but also make the processes specific markets in which we more efficient.

Witware and Jaguar

Through the Witware division, our team focuses on the development and production of solutions based on the “Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Every day things get connected for a smarter future


Imagine the world of possibilities if all things were connected. If you could know in real time how much energy you are consuming, how much gas is being utilized, the temperature of your morning coffee, or even whether a machine in your factory requires maintenance.

IoT will help you control and manage your business in a remote way, improving your decision-making process while providing you with an advantage in the industry. Online information is a valuable asset that can be processed through IoT. The information generated by thousands of devices can be collected in the cloud to be analyzed by cutting-edge AI systems in order to increase efficiency in your business and generate new business opportunities.

Better Decision Making

Make better decisions through a thorough analysis of big data in real time

Generación de Ahorros Witware IoT
Higher Savings

 Transform information into operational best practices to generate savings and be more efficient

Incremento de Productividad Witware IoT
Better Productivity

Smart analysis of data that will help your business be more productive


With reliable field data, you’ll be able to better understand your business and generate strategies to stand out from your competitors

Internet of Things challenges


The implementation of IoT projects involves a detailed analysis of the needs and issues to be resolved, as well as the selection of different technologies that will need to cooperate. In Witware we believe that there is no single technology that can be the solution for all projects, so we have adopted individualized strategies in which we consider using the best technology available for each particular case.

We develop wired and wireless connectivity solutions, which are used to deliver the best connectivity option.

The selection of a wireless network for an IoT device involves balancing many conflicting requirements, such as range, battery life, bandwidth, scalability, reliability, device cost, and operating cost.


Our goal is to find that balance

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